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The Bath


Days end. I descend into soothing heat, carefully, slowly, aching muscles anticipating relief. Water musically jingles as my toes re-emerge, tempering the effects of steaming water that so warmly encircles me.

I sprawl, extending my limbs, pointing, flexing, internally grateful that my appendages still oblige without too much grief. I breathe in and breathe out, long and satisfied. Eyes close. Legs wedged within the basin walls harness me. My head tilts back, cradled by a bundled up towel, soft and worn by much use. It does a fine job. I sigh deeply.

With every slight move, water laps gently against the bath walls. I’m reminded of quiet nights on the lake. Water black, almost still but for the waters gentle swish and tap against a dock beneath my dangling limbs.

The heat becomes a bit much, my face flushed pink. I reach out. With one, then two cranks a window is opened yet no cool reprieve? Patience is called upon. A few seconds more and the scent of fallen snow enters. I inhale fully. This fragrance of snow makes me smile. A soft cooling breeze now streams over my repose. Joy.

What’s this now? My bustling chimney has sent a reminder. Burning timbers mingle with wintery air and a smoky aroma fills my nostrils. A hearth-side fire awaits me.

I slide a bit deeper into the warm water, content. The air outside shifts and speaks, swirling around drooping snow laden branches, a subdued whisper in my ears, poetry.


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